As an aspiring screenwriter, I followed two of my screenplays to 15 film festivals across the country during a two-year period. When my film festival run ended, I looked back at the experience. The festivals were a blast, but I realized what I missed most was not only the travel, but planning the trips. I enjoyed researching the cities, booking the hotels, and putting together itineraries. By the end of my festival run I had become quite good at it.

Knowing I could help others with vacation and leisure travels, I researched travel agencies and advisors. My research led to training, and soon after I opened Cool Harbors Cruise and Travel - a boutique agency small enough to pay close attention to all of my client's needs.

Avoid the hassles of researching and piecing together every single detail of your trip. That's my job. I've put in the time to make sure I do it well (click here to see my certifications). I’ll plan your cruise, resort stay or trip or with every bit of attention as I did planning my film festival travels. You can relax while counting down the days until you depart for paradise.

Give me a call today at (833) SEA-FUN1 - (833-732-3861) toll free, or leave me a message and make your dream vacation happen.